Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Great Mexpectations

About one year ago Marisa and I came to the conclusion that Oaxaca, Mexico might just be the best city ever. Her realization was inspired by a fellow welding coworker, Herman, who had relocated years ago from Oaxaca to her home town of Half Moon Bay.

Each day, through protective eyewear, Herman told Marisa stories about the indigenous Zapateco people and their famous national hero, Benito Juarez who climbed the ranks from his Oaxacan village to later become the first indigenous President of Mexico. He also chatted, while they diligently fabricated their plastics, about growing up in Oaxaca—the week-long wedding fiestas, the elaborate cultural traditions and the utmost dedication to art of cooking Serious Mexican Food…not to mention the best tequila EVER.

Meanwhile, I was learning about the splendor of mole sauce, also originating from Oaxaca, from the Mexican restaurant near my office. The day my coworker introduced me to their mole burritos was the day that I stopped pretending to myself that I would start bringing my lunch to work. ¡Ole!

Soon enough, we had our tickets to Mexico. As if to make the trip official, the orders from my friends for special tequilas started coming in over email.

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