Monday, June 23, 2008

Dear Blog,

I swear I still care about you. Somehow, I let the chaos of life get between us. Lame, I know. Since last I've written, I've been busy:

  • bridesmaiding for Dayle, who had a real, live photo booth at her wedding reception (note: somebody add this to "stuff drunk people love")
  • talking to Heb about the fact that babies are no longer allowed to have blankets in their cribs due to SIDS prevention (It's true! They just have to lay there, blankie-free, while contemplating their existance.)
  • learning about the splendor of Airstream trailers from Marisa's dad who drove his to the Strawberry Bluegrass Festival this year. He even let us hang out inside with him during the fierce rainstorms (read: indulged us while we were total babies about the weather)...joining us in a game of dominos and in eating way too much cheese. One moment of awesomeness was when he whipped out this GPS/calculator/computernerd device to determine the best travel route and schedule for attending both the fall Strawberry event and Burning Man over the Labor Day his Airstream! Marisa´s dad = modern-day Hercules.
  • staying for a few nights at a fancy conference hotel here in SF where my coworker had a top-of-the-line massage chair in her room. Did you know you could ask for that? Apparently, you can ask for anything these days. "Yes, I'd like a King bed, a Sharper Image massage chair and one mechanical bronco, please."
  • visiting NYC/NJ where it was 95 degrees all weekend. While everyone else freaked out and worried about the babies and the seniors, my friend Michelle, who shares my inhuman tolerance for heat, and I moved one step closer to reaching cheese plate nirvana. (Note: Michelle and I have an infinite arsenal of ideas for "sure-to-be-smash-hit businesses" that we could start together. A cheese/fruit plate coffee table book has now been added to the running. There will be all sorts of themes such as "Cracked Out in Amsterdam," which will be a lively display of crackers paired with Old Amsterdam cheese--my fave--and garnished with tulips and rolled up dollar bills. Correction: Euros.)

As you can see, I've had a lot of really important things going on. Do you forgive me now?

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