Monday, October 22, 2007

A Gourdgeous Birthday

In celebration of my birthday last week, I decided to throw a pumpkin carving party. With all the action stirred up by the Folsom St Fair, the Bluegrass Festival, Love Parade, etc., I figured it was high time for some wholesome, domestic fun. After gearing up at the annual Pumpkin Festival in Half Moon Bay (Pumpkin Capital of the WORLD, no less), I bought a few sets of carving tools and some pumpkin beer for my guests...and hoped for a sunny, fall day.

Sure enough, there were blue skies for the big event. And not only did people show up to get their carve on, but they created masterpieces far exceeding my expectations. See above for the two winners ("Black Cat" taking first in the Traditional Halloween Awesomeness category and "Border Crossers" dominating the Halloween Innovation category). Also pictured are their pals from the patch "Haunted Tree" and "Frankenstein" who were strong contenders for the crown. Other honorable mentions were awarded to "Computer Pumpkin," "Playa Pumpkin," and "Naked Witch."

After an afternoon complete with pumpkin pudding (made from scratch by my fabulously festive foodie friend), home-made apple crisp with Mitchell's pumpkin ice cream on top (courtesy of Marisa--of none other than Half Moon Bay--and Ms. Valentine respectively), hot apple cider, real-time pumpkin seeds, and more good, clean fun than we knew what to do with, I blew out the proverbial birthday candle...and lit another inside my jack-o-lantern.


Anonymous said...

I think it was such a success, you're going to have to have a second annual one! ;)

Anonymous said...

Good idea for a birthday party. I watched tv with tk and hd which I found strangely satisfying. I
hosted a pumpkin carving event at cambridge and for the next year I found dried seeds all over my
apartment often times in places that you'd never

shmathy said...

Thank god I maintained my composure when faced with the brisf whiff of punpkin chunks as well as having loads of outdoor space and a wonderful partner who shoved his hand in the innards and cleaned out all the nasty bits