Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Posh in Kas

Next we visited the Kas (pronounced “kosh”), a picturesque coastal town with a beautiful harbor and fresh seafood. We celebrated by staying in our first real hotel with a balcony overlooking the water. Rising to the occasion, I washed Mickey’s entire wardrobe in our sink, which at this point consisted of a T-shirt, a new linen tunic (pictured above) and one pair of pants (so much for the orange cashmere).

Dressed in clean clothes (hooray!) and feeling quite pleased with our bad selves, we strolled into town and sat down to a beautiful dinner on the rooftop of a family owned restaurant. Drinking local wine as the moon sparkled over at the harbor, we thought it couldn’t get any better until our server surprised us with a plate of olives picked from his grandmother’s tree earlier that day. (Yes, I absolutely hate olives but pretend I don’t for the sake of the charming scenario.) So then we surprised him by out-drinking him and his friends later that night at the restaurant bar.

The following day we embarked on a boat tour around twelve small Greek islands that lie off the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, also known as the Turquoise coast. This was our first chance to lounge around and truly relax…and we were ready. Taking full advantage of the roof deck mats, we read our books, ate our oranges, ignored the drunk Englishmen who amused themselves by taking photos of one another jumping off the roof deck...and hoped for tans that would carry us through the foggy San Francisco summer that awaited.

That night we treated ourselves to another seafood dinner, this time in the small city of Fethiye. Just as we finished our favorite appetizer (we were now connoisseurs of yogurt and garlic with warm pita), we were bombarded by a series of 10 year old boys who were carrying what looked to be the kind of scale you’d find in a bathroom. They wanted us to pay to learn our weight, which seemed a bit odd. Who wants to weigh themselves in public, let alone at the end of a meal? Couldn’t they come up with something a bit more alluring? Now that I think about it, they could make a bundle off of mathematically challenged Americans in need of miles to kilometers conversions! And calculators are way lighter than scales…

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