Thursday, May 24, 2007

Taking Trapped to New Heights

The next morning, Mickey took off to explore Istanbul, leaving me on my own in Fethiye. After learning that I had missed the last boat to an area called Butterfly Valley, I must have looked deflated which attracted the sympathy of a paragliding guide (above) who was standing within earshot. One hour later, I was running off a cliff, strapped to the professional paraglider as we launched into air and sailed above none other than Butterfly Valley!

My only complaint, other than not being able to see any butterflies from that distance, was that this "friendly" guide propositioned a romantic interlude for later that evening while we were still in the air, strapped to one another. This approach gave “trapped” a whole new meaning, especially considering my life was literally in this guy’s hands. Luckily, he accepted my polite decline and sailed us safely to the beach where passers by waved to us from below and snapped our photo as we landed.

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Anonymous said...

Was this picture taken before or after the proposition?