Friday, February 16, 2007

Some Reasons I Love San Francisco

1. While my east coast friends and family were forced to bundle up and endure the bitter cold this week, I’ve been running around in boots with bare legs and meeting up with friends at outdoor cafes. Meanwhile, my scarves, gloves and hats remain safely in my scarves/gloves/hats drawer.

2. On Valentine’s Day, I walked down the block to see an SF Indie Film Festival film about two men who steal and abuse a corpse. The theatre was packed.

3. One of my gay friends told a bunch of us over a dim sum brunch that he’s been dating an Episcopalian priest. The only response was “So what happened to the prison warden?”

4. I got an ice cream cone recently at the new Bi-Rite Creamery and a glamorous woman who appeared to be in her late 70’s stopped me on my walk home to find out what flavor it was. “Chai Spiced Chocolate” I told her. She responded, “Between Tartin’s addictive bread pudding and the killer flavors at this new ice cream shop, I’ll bust right out of my yoga pants.” With that, she tossed her pretty white hair over her shoulder, bid me farewell with the single word “peace” and entered a particularly colorful Victorian home. I imagined that she went inside and smoked some pot while seated on a swanky earth toned sofa, perhaps flipping through this week’s copy of the Guardian.

5. A not so uncommon “challenge” is to figure out the best date to start The Master Cleanse so as not to interfere with your mandatory art car planning meeting. After all, you don’t want your creativity to be compromised by decreased caloric intake.

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