Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Olly Olly Oxen Free!

By the dinner time on Sunday most of the guests had said their farewells. Stauber and Cousin Sam had taken a taxi to the Vilnus airport for their respective flights, and the Lithuanians had hopped in their cars, headed for home. Only later did we find out that poor Sammer had confused his flight dates and would actually be staying in Lithuania another night or two, which meant he'd need some more funding. Ha!

Those of us who remained got back in the van, carrying our wedding favors (a bottle of Vodka branded with--you guessed it--a photo of Nate and Lina). We left the newlyweds to enjoy the lodge for one final evening. As thrilled as Nate was to have had such a gorgeous and memorable wedding, one thing loomed over him: there was yet another physical challenge he would have to undertake. Apparently, Lina was supposed to hide somewhere really sneaky and he had to find her. He was just so tired at that point that he wasn't sure he could get into the game.

As it turned out, Lina gave him a pass on the hide-and-seek challenge, and they snuggled in for their second night together as husband and wife, exhausted. Whether Nate will be able to keep her warm this winter, however, will remain to be seen. Perhaps, as a PhD and all, he'll be able to figure something out.

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