Friday, October 8, 2010


Two hours later we arrived in Alytus and checked into our hotel. Lina had organized for all the foreign wedding guests to stay at one place, which I'm sure Baby Brother Mendogas appreciated. This meant he didn't have to keep track of us all. Once safely inside the air conditioned building, poor Cousin Sam went straight to bed while the rest of us geared up for the parental introduction luncheon.

With Lina translating, the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom traded well wishes and dignified gifts. Meanwhile, the boys had caught wind of the fact that Nate would be forced to complete several acts of strength and bravery as part of the following day's marriage rituals and began placing bets on how it would all shake down.

Would our Nate be able to carry the bride across an entire bridge? Was it true that he'd have to engage in some kind of violent duel before he'd be considered worthy of her hand? Why wasn't this being filmed by MTV, cause, man, the entirety of "Nate's Lithuanian Wedding" would trump Jersey Shore before viewers could say holyshiticas.

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