Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Underground in The OC

In case any of you were wondering how the 5-day Sunshine Sweep worked out, from desert to dance-offs to deep tissue massages, I’d say we were victorious.

First Stop: The OC

While Jen was busy bouncing around from dive bar to bakery in LA, I made a beeline for The OC where I had dinner with Heb & Co at their new home—complete with an authentic SoCal swimming pool. The next morning it dawned on me that I had a Coachella gift from Jen in my bag—a blinkie light yo-yo type toy for use as Friend Locating Device (FLD) in the dark.* Thinking that little Mewsie might like the light-up colors, I pulled down the shades in his room, broke out the toy and turned it on. He was instantly mesmerized.

Heb then had the genius idea to get out Mewsie’s Japanese music game and let him pick different electronic songs to accompany the light show. Before you could say “underground nerd alert”, we had created a full-on raver scene—at 9:00am—in a room with a changing table. Too bad Mewsie doesn’t use a pacifier as that would have completed the picture, especially with his fierce dance moves.

Before Auntie Laur had a chance to break out the ring pops, Jen arrived in our rental car and we were off to the desert.

*The gift giving explanation when a little something like this: “Lauren, put this in your festival bag and swing it around when you’re trying to find me. There’s no way I’ll miss it. It is henceforth our homing device. Keep it close at hand and I shall do the same. For AT&T cannot be relied upon.”

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Heather said...

thank goodness none of us got seizures.