Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Desert and Daquiris: A Plan

I've been starting to feel like all I do is plan things. Every day, my inbox sees all sorts of action re: flight research, rental car coordination and requests for me to bring along my set of fun new camping chairs (thanks Brother EJ). It reminds me of that stage of life before you leave for college, when everything is just a series of plans and the actual departure seems so far away--and slightly unreal. You know, like when you have to pick your meal plan before you even see the university cafeteria? True story: my University had an on-campus bar where you could use your meal card. What campus official approved that arrangement? Really. Bad. Idea.

Anyway, all the planning is finally starting to transform into actual adventures. First up: my maiden voyage to Coachella! The Sunshine Sweep begins tomorrow when my friend Jen and I fly down to LA where we'll be visiting our respective friends for the night (Heb!). Then it's off to our curious little campsite near Joshua Tree coupled with 3 days of xtreme music festivaling. Our final stop will be a day of recoup in Palm Springs workin' it all out here.

My vision for the trip pretty much consists of us in a various assortment of sundresses and bikinis, drinking Jen's organic cocktail delicacies while shakin' it (err, I mean while looking standoffish and uberhip) to Hot Chip. Oh, and this vision includes Joshua Tree and Coachella Valley wildflowers in the backdrop, just so you know. Speaking of Jen, I was reviewing our packing list last night, and right between "tent" and "IV bags" she had written "lemon press." Who flies with a lemon press, let alone IV bags? God, I love that girl.

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