Thursday, April 22, 2010

Goin' Out In Style

Final Stop: Palm Springs
On the final day of our sunshine sweep, we packed up our tent and cocktail hut and hit the road for Palm Springs. Upon a recommendation from the one and only Matt Graves, we dropped in for brunch at The Parker Hotel Palm Springs. Not only did we feel like celebrities hanging out in this super stylie locale, but it turned out that we were among them. It's true! Jay Z and Beyonce showed up while we were on our tour of the grounds. Had I spotted her before she placed her order, I would have tipped off Miss "Be" to get the Mango Lobster Salad. Yum.

After our first real meal in days, we took off for our spa appointments in Desert Hot Springs. Best. Idea. Ever--by the way. It turns out that a deep tissue massage and a few hours in the outdoor mineral hot springs is the winning recipe for xtreme festival recovery. Plus, we got to use their shower, which meant no more need for germ-defending flip flops.

And we almost passed ourselves off as buttoned up spa-goers...until our exhaustion kicked in. At that point, Jen accidentally dropped her panties next to the front desk where some lady in gold boots picked them up for her. Meanwhile, I was busy ripping off my festival bracelets with my teeth. It was time to go home.

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