Saturday, December 19, 2009

Get Down On It

On Saturday, I attended what may be the best 80s-themed holiday party to have ever existed outside the actual 1980s...or ever for that matter. The following events transpired between the hours of 8pm and 1am:

1. I saw this cake on one of many, many dessert tables, and YES, it's reeeeally a cake:

2. I high fived a sweaty member of Kool & the Gang after they performed this song on stage (for realz):


3. I got to watch blacked-out corporate people pose for professional prom-style photos (using props like antler ears from the treasure trove prop box) that were then projected onto a big screen and therefore subjected to our animal shadow puppetry. I also got to be one of those people, experimenting with what I envisioned to be festive poses. Now that the pics are back, I'm questioning if "festive" is really the right word. You be the judge. Following is Exhibit A (email me for Exhibits B through Oops).

4. I snapped this photo of my partner in crime who was clad in his actual Bar Mitzvah suit from 1987 (suit also featured above).


Unknown said...

There are so many things I cannot believe about this..!

1) that is a REAL cake????

2) the REAL Kool & the Gang actually performed at this party?? My brother might be jealous. He did have the REAL Naught By Nature at his 30th birthday party.

3) Brian Checkoway STILL fits into his Bar Mitzvah suit??? That is amazing!!

I reeeeally wish I was there! This does seem like the best 80's party ever - in or out of the 80's!

Leah said...

Girl, you were born to be an '80s Glamazon.

Wayne said...

So I too am trapped in the 80's and would have loved this fĂȘte.

But I can share this- I went to see En Vogue and was surrounded by teens and 20 somethings.

The conversation went something like this:

Younger 1: Who's En Vogue?
Younger 2: I dunno- I think they're the DJ.

Argh-punks! I'm old (and today is my birthday).

Juanita said...

I second Michelle's comments about Brian Checkoway's Bar Mitzvah suit!!! WAY TO GO BRIAN!!!!