Saturday, May 30, 2009

So Long, Ubud

Our last days in Ubud did not disappoint. After another incredible experience at Spa Nur, Michelle and I parted ways for the day. She headed out to visit a fellow Art major from her college who is now doing a ceramics residency in Sayan (a small town near Ubud) and I made my way back to rice paddies. I had heard about this farm/café called Sari Organic and was determined to check it out now that businesses were finally reopening after the Nyepi holiday.

According to some guy’s website, “Sari Organic was originally conceived as a community project to grow non-chemical rice and vegetables and teach local Balinese about non-chemical farming. It has now become something of an Ubud tradition supporting neighboring farmers who are converting their plots to non-chemical rice growing, actually increasing their incomes. Organic vegetables and herbs grown by Sari Organic are delivered to restaurants and individuals customers in the Ubud area.” Nice.

I finally figured out how to get there and pretty much fell in love. Not only is this organization doing great work, but it’s situated in an incredible spot with beautiful views of the Ubud rice paddies. Aaaaand the restaurant wait staff will let you go into the farm and actually PICK the vegetables you want in your salad. Enough said.

A few hours later, with a farm-fresh salad in my tummy, I was sitting next to Michelle on yet another car ride, on our way to Jimbaron, our final stop.

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