Saturday, May 30, 2009

When Green Does Not Mean "Eco"

We arrived in Jimbaron and waited at the front desk to check into our hotel. While we were standing around, we noticed that a bit of a scene was breaking out. Engaging my superstar eavesdropping skills (thanks for the training, Mom), I learned that the chemicals in the hotel pool had caused some problems for certain hotel guests. I took closer look at the people in heated discussions with exasperated staff and, OMG--they all had green hair! And by green I don't mean a slight tint. Think emo punk a la 1982...or would that be Glam Metal (thoughts?). Either way, the color screamed irreverence--but in an "oops" sort of way.


The funny part, though, wasn't so much everyone's green hair as it was watching people of different nationalities address the situation. For example, the German girl wanted immediate and fair compensation for a repair dye job that she had already researched and arranged at a nearby salon, the Swedish girl was kind of quiet and patient about the whole thing, and the English girl was simply mortified. Long live cultural stereotypes!


It's a good thing we had yet to go anywhere near that pool or Michelle would have taken one look in the mirror and opened up a can of good ‘ole fashioned American whoopass on the hotel staff. Let’s just say she is not one to shrug her shoulders at consequential oversights. No siree. Cross that Jersey girl one too many times and she'll run your sorry ass off the proverbial road. How's that for stereotypes? Answer: awesome.


Instead, we headed to our room to primp for our visit to the nearby Four Seasons hotel bar where we planned to hang out for our final Balinese sunset.

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Tim said...

FYI, green hair from pools comes from dissolved copper, i.e. from chlorinated water going through old copper pipes.

Can be fixed with lemon, vinegar, or any acidic shampoo.

- Mr. Factosauraus