Monday, May 18, 2009

A Toast to Michelle’s Mom!

After my afternoon at Spa Nur, I met back up with Michelle at our hotel. Tonight was the night we had been waiting for! It would be our dinner at Moziac, a restaurant I had read about in a NYT article forwarded to me by my Aunt Diane (who rules, btw).

And how does an unemployed girl get to go to the best restaurant in all of Bali, you wonder? Well, that girl has a spectacular friend named Michelle whose incredibly generous mom decided we both deserved a special treat after a particularly difficult couple of months. It was like I was little again, getting to pick out one item at Toys R Us to cheer me up after getting stitches or something. And I picked...the full tasting menu, complete with wine pairings! (So did Michelle!)

And the experience at Moziac did not fail to cheer us up, which to be fair wasn’t a particularly difficult challenge considering we were in the middle of a 3-week tropical vacation in one of the most beautiful places ever. Not only was this the nicest, most interesting meal I have ever eaten and the best wine I have ever tried, but it was also REALLY fun.

This restaurant has the feel of an exclusive club, where you just might spot a celebrity behind a large sprig of cilantro, sticking out of an exciting-looking cocktail in his or her well-manicured hand. And for all anyone knew, this was how we rolled. You know, wintering in Bali, zipping around West Hollywood in our fancy convertibles and jetting off for a long ski weekend at our disco cabin in the Alps. No one here had to know about my actual life of frozen gyoza and sketchy laundromats.

And we must have really been owning our pretend sophisticated personas, because the super suave general manager asked us to join him for cocktails in the lounge following our meal. So join him we did and guess where he was from? Dubai! Ok, so it’s not exactly the same as being from Saudi Arabia (or even at all the same), but after a ridiculously “thorough” wine tasting, it seemed close enough. Michelle and I then and there decided that he must be her future husband, the one predicted by the Healer. I’ll let you know how that works out…in approximately 4 years.

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