Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Starring Role in Indonesia’s Melrose Place

After a few days in our really, really cute hotel, we had gotten to know the staff a bit. Little did we know, however, how well the staff had gotten to know us. The seemingly endless rotation of handsome Balinese men between the ages of 25 and 30 not only knew our names and where we were from, but it soon became clear that they were up to speed on our recent tourism activities and with which hotel guests (the majority of whom were pretty girls, traveling solo) we had been keeping company.

“Did you enjoy your yoga class?” Ketut asked one afternoon. I didn’t remember telling him I had gone to one. Wait, but I did tell Ping. Hmmm. Then Komang asked if we were still interested in visiting with a local healer. Funny how we had never talked about this. Whatever. Anyway, yes! We did want to meet with a healer. Maybe he could tell us about Wayan, of Eat, Pray, Love fame.

According to Komang, Wayan had become a total sell-out as a result of her international stardom. What does that mean, exactly, I wondered. Were her herbal remedies now purchased on Amazon rather than mixed from the contents of her backyard garden? Was she just trying to get her own book deal? Maybe a TV show where she heals people with all kinds of ailments? Oh! That would rule. Note to self: pitch this show to…someone.

Before we could get to the bottom of the Wayan situation, Komang had us promising that we would go to his favorite healer the following day. Meanwhile, Abud had heard that we wanted to climb Gunung Batur (a mountain about 2 hours Northeast) and was busy coordinating our transportation. Huh? Well, ummm, ok.

How all of this information was being transferred was a mystery, one that we didn't really care to solve. It was too hot. And it was kind of funny to be part of a tropical gossip mill fueled by Indonesian boys on motorbikes. Instead, we just shrugged our shoulders, ate the delicious daily fruit bowls (provided by the hotel--see above pic) and taught our handsome Balinese friends/scam artists important American slang like "let's bounce."

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