Friday, September 26, 2008

Prego No More

As you all know, Heb has been prego since November. In July, I visited her and James in The OC to hang out one last time before they would become parents and have to exhibit example-setting behavior such as watching their language and sitting up straight. The countdown had begun!

Who knew that things like washing the baby’s first load of laundry (so he’d have fresh little onesies when he came home from the hospital) would be so emotional? I must have cried five times over the course of those two days. The mere site of a fully pregnant Heb buying her first bottle of baby aspirin put me over the edge—in Target, no less. Well maybe I’ll try to blame that tear storm on exceeding my superstore limit for the day. Ok, so 4 times. Which is still a lot.

Flash forward 2 weeks and my phone rang at work. It was Heb, calling from the hospital! The baby had come and everyone was healthy and happy. Heb was a mom! And I was a proud…emergency contact! More tears.

Last weekend I finally got to meet the baby (who will eventually be called Jamie once we get over our slew of embarassingly mushy nicknames for him). We had so much fun hanging out together. Being the 5-week-old that he is, he cried enough for both of us, which left me free to work on my posture.

Right now he’s in an amusing phase that Heb likes to refer to as “the absence of emotion regulation.” It goes a little something like this: (over the course of 2 minutes) smile, fuss, cry, smile, fuss, smile, fall asleep, wake up, fuss, consider smiling, cry. I like to call it “equal opportunity emotion selection.” That way he seems more like he’s in the driver’s seat.

Anyway, this little guy is seriously adorable. No really. Check him out.

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