Monday, March 31, 2008

When Classy is a Stretch

As you know, my friends Rick and Zetta are no amateurs when it comes to party throwing. After Zetta organized a wildly successful Pig Roast for Rick’s birthday this year, he wasn’t about to let his wife outdo him—no siree. And what better makings for a fun day than to involve a stretch limo and a trip out of town? So off to Napa we went—all 28 of us—in celebration of Zetta’s birthday.

The day started off bright and early with a sophisticated mimosa brunch at their apartment. Everyone was dressed for success and we were all looking forward to a pleasant day in the countryside. The limo pulled up and those attendees who chose to be more responsible with their money boarded a van they had rented--they even had a sober driver.

Our birthday outing started off innocent enough. You know, passing around a few champagne bottles along with a proverbial jar of Grey Poupon (we couldn't get enough of that joke) while traversing the Golden Gate. And with the van driving along side our limo, it sort of felt like a Secret Service vehicle was watching out for the birthday girl…at first.

Once we were up in Napa, it only made sense to buy some bottles of wine to drink between winery visits. After all, we were supposed to be wine tasting. Little by little, I began to see signs of our party unraveling. At one point I noticed the rental van drive by our limo…full of ½ naked people slamming Mad Dog while head banging to whatever was on their radio. Had things really gotten to this point already? Apparently they had.

Rather than provide details from the rest of the day, I will leave you with this video of our class act while touring the world-renown Napa Valley. How this couple will exceed such festivities next year is a question I very much like to ponder.


Anonymous said...

where is said video?

LJP said...

Must have moved. Email for new url.