Wednesday, December 19, 2007

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Something you may not know about me is that I'm big on anniversaries and commemoration. For example, I can tell you the precise moment as well as the circumstances surrounding the transition of those people in my life who have moved from acquaintance category to the friend category--our friendiversary if you will. And I will remind my friends of this every year on that date, sometimes forcing them to have dinner with me, or even toast to the occasion. What's interesting about this (other than the fact that said friends put up with such behavior) is that I'm not a numbers person. In fact, math class was the bane of my existence for most of my childhood. Well, that and raisins.

Anyway, this week is the anniversary of this blog--it's been one year since my very first post. This time last year I was packing for a trip to Australia. And tonight I'm packing again (yes, the Cabin Cuddler will come along)...for a visit to my sister's house in Atlanta where I'll be spending Christmas with her and my parents. And don't think for a second that I won't "commemorate" events of family Christmases the time my sister (she'd take me down if I wrote about that).

Despite the violent protests from the hometown crew (they find blogging to be painfully self-obsessed and pointless-see above cartoon), I completed a year's worth of entries about ME and MY LIFE. And since there will be all sorts of things for me to continue telling them about ME in 2008, I plan to keep the posts comin'. Perhaps I'll write about each of our friendiversaries! Shall I, Dougie?

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