Thursday, June 14, 2007

Summer Guests: Round 1

I am about to embark on a long run of playing San Francisco hostess. In the next few weeks, 6 close friends will be in town, all of whom will try to get me to stay up late on weekday nights. I will attempt to hold strong against their pleas, but it's hard when you know it might be a while until you see these people again. And, (insert other excuses why it's OK to stay up late on work nights).

Tomorrow, my friends Chris and Amy arrive from Sydney! You may remember them from such excapades as Lauren's Extended House Guest With The Exciting Accent and/or New Year's Eve Down Under. They'll be passing through SF twice this summer--on either end of a wedding in Toronto. Hooray!

As I type, they are on the plane, sitting together. If I had to guess, I'd say Amy is currently flipping through a fashion magazine while drinking a glass of wine. No doubt Chris has a beer in hand as he reads a series of newspapers with his iPod on for background music. In about an hour, he'll start working on the best man speech that he'll be giving at the wedding next week. I can just hear them talking to each other in their adorable Aussie/Kiwi way.

Chris: Aymee, we're on holid-ay!
Amy: Yes we aaaahh, Chreees!
Chris: Looks like I need anotha beeha.
Amy: We've been in the air for 10 meenuts!
Chris: I know, flight attendants ahh a beet slack ta-dy, ay?

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