Saturday, June 2, 2007

The New Girl

So, I'm now the new girl in the office. You know, the one who has to ask questions like, "What's the process for reserving a conference room?" and "Would you please send me the template for that?" I feel like there should be a special awareness pin for people starting a new job, like there is for people fighting diseases or participating in "The Great American Smokeout." That way, everyone who comes into contact with that person would be aware of what they've been dealing with all day and would then be really nice and understanding.

Noticing your special pin, your cashier at the grocery store might inquire how the new gig is going while bagging your items, someone on the bus might stand up so that you could have a seat after another exhausting day of navigating the unfamiliar shared drive and bartenders everywhere would give you free drinks and sympathetic smiles. I mean, if there's a pin for "Children with Allergies" and "Multiple Chemical Sensitivity," there should definitely be one for "New Employee." And now that I think about it, there should also be one for people on The Master Cleanse, but that's another story.
One challenge for me when starting a new job is to restrain myself when it comes to ordering desk supplies. Since I can get lost in the order supply book the way other people might get lost in page turning murder mystery, I really have to work hard to stay focused on the actual necessities. It's just so easy to go overboard when flipping through page after page of exciting art supplies...all for FREE! Maybe one day I'll get married and register with the office supply book. Until then, I'm only allowed one glue stick.
Note: this week is National Headache Awareness Week. For reals.

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