Friday, June 1, 2007

Home Again

It seems like every time I come back from a trip, the weather in SF is foggy and COLD, which makes it a million times harder to readjust. Last time I had to buy a space heater of questionable quality--this time it was Uggs (confession: fake Uggs, also of questionable quality).

Luckily, my friend Marisa convinced me yet again to head up to Yosemite over Memorial Day weekend for the Strawberry Music Festival . For 4 days, we laid around in the sun wearing tank tops and skirts listening to bluegrass while hippie parents pulled their hemp-clad children around in wooden wagons. What could be better? Well, I guess something could have made it better, like if Eddie Izzard and Sarah Silverman had been there and wanted to pal around with us....and we were rich...and while we were gone congress passed a law making it illegal to put raisins in all baked goods.

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