Monday, March 26, 2007

Old Friends

They knew you during your 7th grade Sun-in and Silver City lipstick phase. You snuck out late at night to play Truth or Dare with them in the cul de sac even though you had to babysit early the next morning. You ransacked the liquor cabinets of one another's parents, made mix tapes for them to bring to college, made out with each other's freshman roommates and stayed up with them till sunrise at multiple weddings. They are your old friends.

You lose touch for months on end, you're not sure you like their new friends from work...they know exactly what to say to infuriate you. They are your old friends.

You know their parents' first names. They can tell when "I'm OK" isn't the truth. They remember your birthday. You know when they're in love. They are your old friends.

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