Friday, December 4, 2009

From Awesome to Zebra

Just thought I'd share something heart warming that I found on Etsy when I was looking for my annual Arctic animals calendar: typewriter art!

Apparently, this boy named Nathan (in Chicago) can look at a picture and type it out on his manual typewriter to create a well done depiction of whatever he chooses. Not only does he type adorable animal sets that he turns into calendars (with themes like Under the Sea, Dinosaurs, Forest Creatures, Safari and Arctic Tundra) but he also types
custom portraits based on personal photos. And they're good!

Another thing I find adorable is the way young Nathan describes his company: "Hello, I'm Nathan Veach. I have a lot of typewriters, typewriters, typewriters, but my favorite is a Smith-Corona Classic 12 manual typewriter.I am also in a band with my brother."

I love to think about our artist typing a portrait of his blushing lover. It would be like the scene in The Titanic where Jack paints Rose...but with a lot of clicking sounds...and a few carraige returns.

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