Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ode To Funemployment

One day I came to work to find...some vodka on the table.
A meeting had been called to let us know if we were stable.

It turned out, no, yeah...not so much. Our jobs would be no more.
But why not share a cocktail before heading out the door?

At first, oh shit, I had no job. But soon onset enjoyment.
With endless time to bounce around--enter funemployment!

One by one my friends sent texts "my boss just dropped the ax."
Well come on, pal, fear not, ole chap, get ready to relax.

From NYC to Bali with a stint in The OC.
Camping out in Guerneville drinking mudslides, 1, 2, 3.

Shooting guns with Dayle, at her vineyard in the hills.
Living every moment, stirrin' trouble to the gills.

Trader Joes, why not? You bet. Let's meet at 2, OK?
You know there'll never be a line in the middle of the day.

Bikram yoga, Double Dutch...and Bootcamp all the time.
Kinda feel bad for my buddies, workin' 9 to 5.

Famer's markets, Headland hikes, you name it and I did it.
Loved the freedom, read some books, savored every minute.

But no more restaurants, fancy clothes or facials at the spa.
Thankful for my friends who bought me champagne with framboise.

Then out of nowhere came a job. I'm back to workin' life.
So long, dear funemployment. With good times you were rife.

Farewell suntan, goodbye walks for coffee with my crew...
...of buddies outa work like me, how fiercely I'll miss you.

Hello MUNI, good day race to get to work on time.
At least I'll get to step it up with quality red wine.

For those whose time will still be spent chillin' on the porch,*
As the funemployment master, I bow and pass the torch.

* with a New Yorker and a latte. I am already jealous!

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miss shayna said...

living the good life, Ljp!!