Sunday, June 7, 2009


It’s all the rage these days. Everybody who’s anybody is doing it. If you’re thinking I’m talking about pairing American Apparel leggings with cute skirts, think again. I’m talking about funemployment.

As you’ve heard, my company closed down in February, and I’ve been freelancing ever since. Thanks to friends who sell fancy laundry products and build iPhone apps, I’ve managed to stay somewhat occupied.

Following are some things I’ve learned as a member of SF’s funemployed citizenship:

  1. If you ask nicely, the guy behind the counter at Pirat Cat Community Radio will trade you a shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream for a cup of coffee. Everybody wins…
  2. Do not rollerblade across the city in broad daylight and expect that your new freelance boss won’t see you aaaand call you out on your nerdy endeavor the next day when you go in for your first real meeting. Also assume that when you share this unfortunate story with your friends, they will all tell you the same rollerblading joke: “What the worst thing about rollerblading? Answer: having to tell your parents you’re gay.” Ugh.
  3. You can camp near the RRR resort in Guerneville for 1/3 the cost of staying in one of their kind-of-gross rooms. Aaand you can apply hustling techniques to competitive Taboo games resulting in a free mudslide from their infamous mudslide machine. No one suspects a team consisting of a little blond girl and a gorgeous drunk boy to be the fiercest in the land/at the pool. Well, I got news for ya, suckers: we are.
  4. Say yes when your friend with a hammock AND a hot tub asks you to house-sit for him. Olė!

I will continue to add to this list as my valuable learnings grow. Stay tuned…

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