Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mythical Chariots Meet SPF 40

On the plane ride over, we decided to stay somewhere “sort of nice” on our first night. That way, we’d have hot water and a place to regroup before setting off on our counterclockwise travel course through Bali.

It turned out that, for $25 each, we could stay one of Legion’s (pronounced “leg-ee-an”) fanciest hotels! And by fancy, I mean that the floors were marble, our personal veranda overlooked a spectacular garden and the hotel swimming pool cozied up to a 50-foot by 20-foot statue of a mythical chariot (see above pic, noting size of swimmers). Oh, and there were life-sized cement horses scattered around, casually.

Our few days in the South of Bali (known as the Kuta area) treated us well. While we were planning out our trip and adjusting to the heat and the time change, we palled around with a very sweet Australian, named Xavier, who was on holiday with a crew of 12 in celebration of his mother’s 60th birthday. Between his ongoing obligatory family dinners, each complete with Indonesian birthday cake, he was eager to meet some friends with whom he could take off and explore the island. Enter the two American girls. And their eye masks. Little did he know what he was getting himself into.

Xavier? If you read this you can speak for yourself, but you LOVED us, right? Sorry about dragging you through the 95 degree night, on foot, for hours, along that sketchy road, to find the Legion Night Market...that no one had heard of. But that fish dinner was worth it, no? :) Hopefully, we made up for it with the golden chariot.

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