Sunday, April 29, 2007


Another reason for the delay in blog posts is that I gave two weeks notice at my current job and have been busy tying up loose ends before my last day, which will be May 1st. (More to come on plans for time off between current job and new job).

One good thing about leaving my job is that I won't be working across the street from the ball park anymore, which means the music from the occasional Christian rock concert will no longer drift into my office, disturbing both my spirit and my focus. One bad thing about leaving my job is that I'll have to stop responding to the "So, where do you work?" question with the answer "Oh, this think tank near the ball park."

I find it humorous that this response somehow suggests that I sit around all day philosophizing and strategizing about complex geopolitical issues. And as much as I love the idea of me hanging out in a high security building, solving never-before-solved equations on a white board with a purple dry erase marker while important visiting White House officials frantically nod their heads, my job isn't sooooo much like that.

Much to my dismay, the door to our office doesn't open via retina scan and the closest I've gotten to interacting with famous people in expensive suits was meeting a Hollywood actor one time at a conference. As far as I know, not once has the FBI bribed us to keep our findings confidential and the chances of our work becoming the subject of a prime-time thriller series like The X-Files aren't all that good. We do, however, have office walls painted edgy colors, which visitors tend to notice.

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shmathy said...

And for a few brief weeks you'll be able to say "I don't have a job. I'm a Lady Who Lunches".