Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Keeping Cool with Gold Coins

So now I'm up in Cairns on my own and all is well (Jan 3rd). It's unbelievably hot up here, which I love but seems to be upsetting many tourists whom I overhear on the streets swapping "it was so hot the other day that..." stories. I'm at a hostel in the main part of town--it's sort of a nice place but you have to put change into the air conditioner in your room in order to turn it on. I've mastered the art of putting just enough money in to keep the room from exceeding 80 degrees until I fall asleep. The hostel is next door to a cafe that plays a 'round the clock curious combination of Phil Collins (his hits I think) and Imogen Heap. I guess the theme is "English?"

I leave tomorrow for a eco-tour on a jeep through the rainforest. Then I'm off on a snorkel/scuba trip (yes, I'm terrified). I'll be in touch with the report on my Queensland adventures. Until then...

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